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“Thanks Jagg Tax Solution to give me a peace of mind”


“Thanks Gustavo Nunez – EA for helped me to make an Offer in Compromise. I owed $136,233 to the IRS and my Offer was accepted for $12,300. I will pay $205 per month for 60 months. Now, my peace of mind is completely.” Joe Gomez, Cudahy, CA / October 15, 2010


“I am pleased to have the opportunity to convey my appreciation to everyone... “


“I sincerely appreciate the accurate manner and the professional manner in which my offer was settled with the Internal Revenue Service on my behalf. I am 33 year-old and my health and family life was deteriorated. I was receiving very aggressive letters form the IRS requesting to pay what I owed to them, but I contacted Jagg Tax Solution, Inc. and Gustavo Nunez – EA.  I owed $45,698 and my offer proposed was for $3,500. The IRS accepted and it was settled pay $72.91 per month for 4 years.” Edgard Guzman, North Hollywood, CA / April 20, 2011


 “I admire the aggressiveness that Gustavo Nunez –EA showed with Officer Revenue…”


“I admire the aggressiveness that Gustavo Nunez – EA showed with Officer Revenue, who was garnishing a 100 % of my self-employment income. The Officer Revenue did not return the messages and Gustavo Nunez – EA came to the IRS office and confronted to Officer Revenue and her Manager Group and requested to stop and release the levy. After they received from Gustavo Nunez – EA The Collection Information Statement for Wages Earners and Self-Employed Individuals. Thanks Gustavo and Jagg Tax Solution, Inc.” Amado Diaz, Los Angeles, CA / September 5, 2011.


“Thanks Jagg Tax Solution and Gustavo Nunez - EA to solve my tax problems…..”


“After I tried and paid high professional fees to several tax solution firms without get good results, I called Jagg Tax Solution, Inc. to be helped in my tax problems with the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board. I had two different debts to each agency. As a single person $77,580 and as married filing jointly $44,500 to the IRS and to state was a total $33,000. Therefore, Gustavo Nunez – EA as a truly professional, he requested an audit reconsideration and he reduced the debt with the state to $1,325. The two debts with the IRS, Gustavo Nunez – EA proposed two Offer in Compromise; one for $4,000 with a payment plan of $83 a month and the other $3,500 with a payment plan of $72.91 a month. Thanks Jagg Tax Solution and Gustavo Nunez – EA to solve my tax problem and recover my freedom.” Adalberto and Maria Ramos, Downey, CA / April 30, 2010


Client’s Total Liability $136,000 Offer Amount; $12,340 Savings: $123,660


“I have had an enormous burden lifted and now I have a clean slate to begin to build the future. When I met with Gustavo Nunez - EA for my consultation, I was very anxious… I left that day hopeful. The one word that comes to mind is SOLUTION. I was thankful and would recommend Gustavo Nunez - EA to anyone that has a tax problem and is in dire straits. It has been a pleasure working with Gustavo and his staff. I owed to IRS $136,000 and I made a successful Offer on Compromise of $12.340 to pay in 48 months with $241.00 every month”  Oscar Gomez, Cudahy, CA.                                               


Client’s Total Liability: $168, 141 Offer Amount: $12,500 Savings: $155,641



“I'm extremely happy with your firm's understanding, compassion, professionalism and most of all the result! …I've been sick with this California Franchise Tax Board problem - really sick. And your firm gave me hope, peace of mind, and a real second chance to get on with my life.” Luis Pazo, Santa Fe Springs, CA.


Client’s Total Liability $44,500 Offer Amount; $2,976 Savings: $41,524


“Gustavo Nunez- EA has helped me in more ways that you can imagine, and I can't thank you and your staff enough. The entire process was exceptional, and I commend your company, its infrastructure and methods...   I was suffering depression and I had stroke because I was so worried about the IRS tax problem and I called him to seek representation before the IRS. Mr. Nunez presented an Offer to IRS for far less than I owed. Now I am making $62.00 monthly periodic payment to IRS for 48 month for a tax liability of $44,500. I saved more than $42,000. Thanks Gus” Edgard Guzman, North Hollywood, CA.


Clients’ total Liability: $54,900 Offer Amount: $5,490 Savings: $49,410


We write to you with great appreciation and satisfaction. You have given us great peace of mind. Every time I received a call from Jagg Tax Solution, Inc. it would be satisfying and reassuring. Thank you and keep up the good work. We highly recommend your professional business and we would not hesitate recommending Jagg Tax Solution, Inc. to those who were in the same situation we were. You are truly tax solution experts. Nubia and Jose Fonseca, Van Nuys, CA.


 Clients’ IRS Total Liability $123,300 Clients’ State Total Liability: $31,000 Offer IRS Amount; $7,400 Last Amount owed to State $1,530 Savings with IRS $123,680 Saving with CAFTB: 29,470 Combined Savings: 153.150


We presented you with a complex case. We had three tax liabilities. Two with the IRS; one for $78, 800 as single for the year 1996 and we had a tax liability as married filing jointly for $44,500 for other years and with California Franchise Tax Board a tax liability for $31,000. So Gustavo Nunez – EA presented two offers to IRS; one as single for me for $4000 and one as joint tax liability for $3,400. We saved $115,900 with IRS and we are making monthly periodical payment of $123.00 for 60 months The state tax liability of $31,000 was reduced to $1,530.00 through audit reconsideration. Gustavo Nunez’s strategy in how to fight and solved our tax problem is amazing. My sincere thanks to him and all his team that helped us through this very difficult period in our lives. Adalberto and Maria Ramos, Downey, CA.